The Stratos Aero Club has partnered with Enterprise and National car rental throughout North America. With over 1500 counters to serve you across the United States and Canada at international, regional and municipal airports, Enterprise and National car rental companies will have a vehicle for you for that last stretch to reach your destination. 

We are very happy to let our members know that you can use this service even outside your aviation activities when ever you need to rent a car or an SUV. Here are some of the perks and advantages:


  • Preferential rates across the entire network

  • No advance reservation required

  • No young drive fees (21-24 yrs)

  • No additional drivers fees

  • Prior day pick up after 4:30 pm with no extra charge

  • Use the account number of the back of your membership card to reserve online or directly at the counter


Select the company of your choice to reserve a vehicle in advance. You are not required to reserve your vehicle in advance as part of the perks of our partnership with Entreprise and National car rental companies, but keep in mind that cars can only be guaranteed if reserved in advance. This is particularly important for popular destination.