The Casey Camping Fly-In

stratos aero is very proud to be the new ADMINISTRATOR and promoter of the largest fly-in and camping fly-in in canada. Located in “haute-Mauricie” in northern quebec in a picturesque setting NESTLED in the quebec wilderness. This year we will host the 8th edition and it will be like no other. The casey camping fly-in takes place on an abandoned cold war military airstrip built in the 1950’s. With over 5000′ of runway in pristine condition, we can ACCOMMODATE any general aviation aircraft.
Join stratos aero in 2020 in casey! 


Where does the Casey Fly-In take place?

Casey is located in “haute Mauricie” Quebec. The airstrip is REFEREED to as the “Casey abandoned AIRSTRIP” at it is not referenced in the CFS. Its geographic position is as follow, for reference and navigation using foreflight 47.938/-74.09. In the spring of 2020 we will prepare a “Casey Notam” giving all the travel and safety details to making your Casey Caming Fly-in Experience safe and enjoyable. 


Casey Camping Fly-In Mission

Stratos Aero is privileged to have the opportunity to take over the administration and the promotion of the Casey Camping Fly-In. This annual event is inline with our mission statement of building a general aviation community like no other and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals with an emphasis on pilots. Our missions with the Casey Camping Fly-In are as follow:
  • Building the Stratos Aero general aviation community
  • Close the generational gap in the GA community
  • Attract more young and future pilots
  • Encourage & educate GA pilots on bush flying
  • Enjoy a weekend with fellow aviators and aviation lovers

What to Expect at Casey?

The Casey Camping Fly-In is for aviation enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can access Casey by road or by air (obviously). Once in Casey, expect to be in total wilderness, no electricity, no running water and definitely no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi. We are there together to have fun, enjoy the natural environment, talk all things aviation and disconnect from everyday life, and I mean completely disconnected. You’ll have to post your pictures and videos on social media after you leave!



One of the big improvements Stratos Aero is bringing to the 2020 edition of the Casey Camping Fly-In is an array of activities to do individually or as a group to keep you busy all weekend long. All these activities are self guided, but directions and instructions will be available on location by one of our volunteers.
  • Wild Camping (obviously)
  • Pre-Set Glamping options (A fee per night will apply)
  • Canoeing and Kayaking on the Ruban River
  • River swimming
  • River Fishing 
  • Super Constellation excavation (what you find is yours to keep)
  • Wild Blueberry picking (Best blueberries in the world)
  • Evening Aviation seminars
  • …much more will be announce soon!

Safety and Security

Safety in the air and on the ground are our number one priority. The Stratos Aero team will have a team of volunteers marshaling aircraft to parking, camping and under the wing camping areas. We also have a team that will offer air traffic advisories and current weather conditions. A general “casey Notam” will be issued in the spring of 2020 with all necessary details.


For safety purposes on the ground a limited amount of aircraft can be accommodated for “under the wing camping”, “wild camping” and obviously our Glamping option. In the spring of 2020, we will announce all available options, costs and spots available. Looking forwards to hosting you and your families in Casey.

Casey Camping Fly-In Options

  • Under the Wing Camping
  • Wild Camping (Aircraft parking near by)
  • Glamping (just bring your sleeping bag)
  • All inclusive option including meals (menu TBA)
  • Saturday Night group dinner feast (menu TBA)
  • Ground transportation from Montreal & Quebec City
Photo RVA 2018