Why Join the Stratos Aero Club?

We are building a community of aviation enthusiast, pilots and non pilots, with the only goal to promote general aviation and inspire the next generation. What better way of achieving that goal then offering our members discounts and special deals on a wide range of products and services we use regularly in aviation and in flight. The Stratos Aero Club is going one step further with its exclusive events and partnerships available only to members of this community.


Who is the Stratos Aero Club?

The Stratos Aero Club is the first North American wide exclusive general aviation club devoted to promote an encourage pilots to fly their own aircraft or rental aircraft for business and or pleasure when ever possible. The Stratos Aero Club is a 100% privately held entity with no political or hidden agendas, we are in it for our love of flying and aviation. We are building a community of aviation enthusiast together!

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Commitment to Our Members

As the founder and president of the Stratos Aero Club, more importantly an avid aviation lover and pilot myself, I pledge to make this aviation club like no other, bring experiences to our community which others can only dream of, create partnerships with the biggest and most respected brands in the industry, and offer discounts and deals to our members where ever possible. Our objective is to have fun, promote general aviation while making security our number one priority, always!

Become a member of the coolest and most exclusive and inclusive aviation club in North America today. If you are wondering, yes, the Albatros L-39 is part of the Breitling Aero Show Squad and will be traveling across the United States and Canada to airshows and events to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals.